Psychological wellness includes our emotional, emotional, and social well-being. It influences how we digest, our emotions and also how we act. It also helps identify exactly how we manage tension, connect to others, and make choices. A healthy microbiome is essential at every phase of life, from childhood years as well as adolescence and into the adult years.

The 100 trillion tiny microbes that make up your gut flora and is called your microbiome play a pivotal function in everything from your immune system to your food digestion to your state of mind. However researchers are now finding that your microbiome affects your weight.

Chiropractor, Mark Hyman, M.D. says, “If your microbiome does not have enough good bateria or too many of certain types of bad bacteria, it can influence how your food is metabolized.”

In recent times, chiropractors have become increasingly interested in the microbiome and gut bacteria because bad bacteria in the gut can activate inflammation in your joints. A colleague in Houston, Dr. Richard J. Werner put out an article last month titled: Is Your Gut Healthy. In it he goes deeper on the correlation between your gut and your good heath. Read it on his website under blog posts. Houston Chiropractor Dr. Richard J. Werner

Additionally, this can cause a cascade effect and activate insulin resistance, which subsequently can advertise weight gain, according to Hyman’s research outcomes.

In spite, of all this alarming news, there is something you can do. Making changes to your eating habits will have a quick impact on your gut bacteria, which will help you shed unwanted/unhealthy excess weight and boost your overall health.